Best Video Editing Software for Windows PC

Best Video Editing Software for Windows PC

Online consumption of content is increasing day by day. With the increase in the number of viewers, the demand for online videos is also increasing. Most people these days are earning money by posting videos online. However, editing a professional video and making quality content is very difficult, especially if you have a very low investment. 

To ease the professional newbies in the field of content creation, many video editing companies started providing video editing software for free or at minimal costs. They can edit the videos with zero or little investment; they provide all the necessary tools that are needed to make a professional video. These videos can include snippets, short films, and even a full-fledged movie.

Although there are plenty of new software in the market, selecting the best one is important. The content creator should choose wisely before using them.

What is a Video Editing Software?

A software that is specially programmed to convert the raw video into a professional one is known as video editing software. For this, the video must be edited, modified, generated, or manipulated. With the help of a professional video editor, one can easily remove the undesirable section of the video, cut it, arrange it in a manner to make it better for the viewers. Several effects are also provided, using which the video can be enhanced efficiently. 

They can be paid or free of cost but professional video editors prefer using the paid ones. On the other hand, the new content creators, who are beginning from scratch with very little or zero investments, can opt for the free software. These video editors can also be offline or online, depending upon their creation.

Top 10 Video Editing Softwares for Windows PC

There is an enormous number of offline and online video editors available for Windows PC. These include both the paid as well as the free software. Among all of them, the top 10 video editing software include:


It is a free of cost online video editor which creates quality video content within 10 minutes. It aims at providing high-calibre videos quickly and easily, and is affordable. It is effortless to use with an intuitive user interface. It provides built-in templates and an intelligent video assistant, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Wondershare Filmora X

It is a free video editing software that is faster and very powerful to level up the user experience. Stylish videos can be created with built-in effects. It has diversified effects and also has audio editing tools for synchronizing the audio.

Adobe Premiere Element 2021

It is an offline software that is compatible with both MacOS and Windows PC. It is a paid software used by professionals who create budget content. One of the important features includes the implementation of artificial intelligence.

CyberLink PowerDirector 365

It is also a paid software that has different rates for Windows and Mac users. Although compatible with both, it provides all the features only for Windows PC. It is used mainly for social media as it provides a 1:1 square aspect ratio.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

It is compatible only with the Windows PC. Because of the important feature of extensive 360-degree-editing, it is not free of cost. The 3D text can be supported broadly and edited on the split-screen.


This video editor is programmed for beginners and is available for free. It can support different input and output formats. It does not support the effects of transitions, but the encoding options are solid. It has a user-friendly interface.


It is also a free video editing software that is open source. It has built-in transitions and audio effects, which can enhance the video. Many clips can be added, and the audio can also be edited.

HitFilm Express

It is a free tool for semi-professionals. It supports several input formats but supports only AVI and MP4 output formats. It has enormous transitions and effects.


It is a free online video editor which is very easy to use. It provides basic tools for beginners and can directly upload the final content to the desired social media platform. It has video templates that can be customized.


It is a free tool that has no watermark for the exported video. The video can be trimmed, resized, and made easy with lots of tools. The output video aspect ratio can be set up by the editor.

Which one among them is the best? 

While all of these software provide quality features, InVideo stands the best for Windows PC. InVideo is selected among all the video editing software because of several reasons:

  • It takes less than 10 minutes to edit a professional video.
  • It is an online video editor, so the computer space and time can be saved using it online.
  • It is straightforward to use.
  • The user interface is intuitive.
  • There are plenty of tutorials available to master it.
  • It also has over 2,000 templates.
  • The raw post-production video can be edited by editing its text, visualizing it, inserting effects, and the final video can be imported.
  • The videos can also be created from scratch. 
  • The voice-over can also be added, or the built-in text-to-speech can be used.
  • It has an intelligent video assistant for recommending corrections which are incorporated only in this editor.
  • It is always open in case the editor needs live support of using the platform.
  • InVideo can be used to make videos for Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, Twitter timeline posts, and ads for these social media platforms.
  • It is free of cost and does not need any premium subscription for access to all editing features.
  • It can be used in three different ways: pre-made templates, text-to-video, and blank templates.


Budget plays a significant role in choosing video editing software. With very little investment, selecting the best free video editing software is a wise decision. If the budget is high, the best video editing software can be bought. Comparing different software and researching before purchasing or installing for free is essential. If you are a content creator or an editor looking for the best video editing software for Windows PC, then you can opt for the InVideo software.


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